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2003.034.1.3a Lincoln Lib 3d Constitution 1840 front.jpg
Recto and verso views of the Constitution for the [Third] Social Library in Lincoln, Mass.: manuscript, January 1840.

2003.034.3.55 Lincoln Lib Tarbell Room 1884.jpg
Photograph of man seated in Lincoln Library's reading room (presently known as the "Tarbell Room"), circa 1884.

2002. Lincoln Lib Architects Sketch 1883.jpg
Architect's sketch and floor plan by W.G. Preston, Architect, 1883; in "American Architect and Building News," March 15, 1884.

2002. Lincoln Lib 1890.jpg
Photograph of Lincoln Library building.

2003.034.3.52 Lincoln Lib Hoover ext 1970.jpg
Black and white photograph of south view of the Lincoln Public Library (from Trapelo Road and northeast), showing 1959 addition by architect Henry Hoover.

2003.034.12.17 Tarbell Room 1962.jpg
Black and white photograph of eight people studying in the Tarbell Room of the Lincoln Public Library.

2003.034.11.28 Sisco and Hind.jpg
Black and white photograph of Lincoln librarians Ellen Sisco and Evelyn Hind dressed up in 19th century clothing for the Lincoln Public Library's Centennial Celebration. Sisco is seated and sharing a book with Hind (standing).

2003.034.11.36 Fourth of July parade spectators.jpg
Black and white photograph of people gathered in front of the Lincoln Public Library to watch the Fourth of July parade during Lincoln's Centennial Celebration in 1984.

2003.034.11.47 Fourth of July library float.jpg
Color photo of Lincoln Library's float for the Fourth of July parade in 1984. Image shows a red truck/float in front of the First Parish Church in Lincoln. The float has a big sign on its side that reads, "A Book is a Journey..." Children with…

2003.034.12.4 Young reader with bubble gum 1960s-70s.jpg
Black and white photograph of a child reading in the Lincoln Public Library and blowing a chewing gum bubble.
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